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05 December 2020
Luzern (Lucerne)

Dances with Wolves in concert
City Light Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thiago Tiberio - KKL Luzern · Konzertsaal

This concert has been postponed.

Program Info:
John Barry - Dances with Wolves

Kevin Costner's masterpiece “Dances With Wolves” from 1990 returns to the big screen. Experience the Western epic with Oscar® awards for "Best Film" and "Best Film Music" as a live world premiere at KKL Luzern!

Kevin Costner wrote film history 30 years ago with “Dances With Wolves”. No Hollywood film studio believed the success of this western drama about the demise of the Wild West, but Costner was undeterred. He stretched out money out of his own pocket and when he couldn't find a director for the film, he took a seat on the director's chair himself and made his impressive directorial debut with “Dances With Wolves”. The result was a surprise hit at the box office and with the breathtakingly beautiful pictures, the sensitive narratology, the historical-cultural care and the dreamy film music by John Barry the 3-hour epic “Dances With Wolves” cast a spell over millions of cinema-goers, earning critical acclaim in abundance and has received numerous awards - including 3 Golden Globes and 7 Oscars®.

The story begins in 1863 in a military hospital near a Tennessee battlefield. The civil war is raging, and countless casualties include Union Lieutenant John Dunbar (Kevin Costner). His leg is said to be amputated, but he steals out of the hospital and instead intends to find certain death on the battlefield.

But through a doom, Dunbar helps the Unionists to victory and is celebrated as a hero. In these circumstances, he receives priority medical treatment, which can save his leg. In addition, he can choose his next location and so John Dunbar chooses Fort Sedgewick, an outpost in the border and Indian lands. Once there, he plunges into a world unknown to him. In loneliness, he takes extensive forays, soon discovering that a wolf is watching him closely. And he meets the Sioux and Pawnee Indians.

Composer John Barry read the script and immediately agreed. Barry: “The war-injured John Dunbar gets to know the beauty of nature and the dignity of the Sioux Indians in the border region. This portrays my music. »Barry's distinctly thematic film music overwhelms with great symphony and heartbreaking intimacy at the same time. He succeeds in heroism and melancholy chant on the Wild West. “Dances With Wolves” is John Barry Opus Magnum and rightly he won his fifth Oscar® for this.

Let John Barry's music, played by the City Light Symphony Orchestra, take you to the Wild West and experience the masterpiece “Dances With Wolves” in new splendour.

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