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17 October 2020
Luzern (Lucerne)

Raiders of the Lost Ark in concert
City Light Symphony Orchestra conducted by Anthony Gabriele - KKL Luzern · Konzertsaal

Program Info:
John Williams - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Who doesn't know him, the quick-witted, fearless and always charming archaeologist Indiana Jones ?! With his fedora and whip, he took the cinema screens by storm in 1981. Since then he has ventured into the most remote places on daring treasure hunts, always pursued by Nazi henchmen.

We are pleased to be able to present you with Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark, a classic of adventure cinema at KKL Luzern. While the film by celebrated director Steven Spielberg shines on the big screen, the City Light Symphony Orchestra plays the world-famous, Oscar®-nominated film music by John Williams.

With “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Spielberg has made a fast-paced, exciting adventure film that is full of charm and wit. It is the year 1936. Just returned from Peru, the life of the archeology professor Dr. Henry Jones (Harrison Ford), called Indiana Jones, suddenly. Two US government officials order Indy to find the notorious Ark of the Ark before it falls into the hands of the Nazi forces.

Immediately put Indy put away his Manchester patch with the sleeve patches and his lecturer glasses to dive headfirst into this latest adventure. This leads him from Nepal via Cairo to the islands in the Aegean. He not only meets his still angry ex-lover, Marion (Karen Allen), and has to grapple with all sorts of spiders and snakes in ruined ruins, but the Nazis soon want to get him and his team on the leather.

The fantastic film music by Maestro John Williams is just as legendary as Indy himself. His Raiders March has cult status and is a signal for exciting adventure cinema. The music ranges from crisp action to longing romance to cheeky comedy. With powerful tutti and multi-faceted solos, John Williams dynamically and skillfully portrays the sometimes beautiful and sometimes creepy destinations to which Indy and his team set out on their mission.

Embark on legendary adventures around the world with the City Light Symphony Orchestra, the music of John Williams and Indiana Jones.

Film in English with German subtitles.

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