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05 January 2019

Der Herr der Ringe & Der Hobbit - Das Konzert mit Billy Boyd (Pippin)
Philharmonie und Chor des Auenlandes - Messehalle Erfurt

Program Info:
Howard Shore - Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

The film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece THE LORD OF THE RINGS literally lives off the monumental music of Oscar winner Howard Shore. To experience the well-known film music with symphonic orchestra, choir and the Tolkien ensemble in concert is not only a thrilling adventure for Middle-earth fans.

Goose bumps are also a hit at the world hits of Annie Lennox and Enya, who have shaped the fantasy trilogy. Even "Saruman" actor SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE sends a magical message during the two-hour performance.
With presenter Ben Becker.

From the threatening sounds of Mordor and the shrill attack of the black riders to the cozy folk songs of the Hobbits from the Shire to the beautiful lyrical melodies of the elves - almost 100 contributors will make the Hamburger Mehr! Transform the theater on the wholesale market into a musical scene of Middle-earth. Howard Shore's film music will provide the very finest of headscapes in a highly emotional and pictorial way, and the audience in J.R.R. Suck in Tolkien's story.

Actor BILLY BOYD also works as a singer, musician and composer. The multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums) sang in "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" the poem "The Edge of Night" in the play "The Stuard of Gondor", a separate composition to Tolkien's text. He also sang "The Last Goodbye" at the end of "The Battle of the Five Armies", which completes the Hobbit trilogy.

HOWARD SHORE, who composed the music for the film trilogies "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit", was awarded three Oscars for this and his leitmotif, as in Richard Wagner's Ring Trilogy, lets the audience feel when It becomes threatening when the Ring unfolds its power and corrupts its wearer, SHORE is one of Hollywood's most successful film composers, and is also responsible for the Gangs of New York, Panic Room, and The Aviator soundtracks.

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