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09 December 2018
München (Munich)

The Fabulous world of film music
Anna Scheps, piano - Hubertussaal, Schloss Nymphenburg

Program Info:
Why are pictures of a movie even underlaid with music? The music is able to work alongside the visual impressions as an anchor, which offers the audience familiar sounds in the film and conveys profound feelings. In short: This is about emotions - music that touches immediately.

The "Fabulous world of film music" with the fantastic pianist Anna Scheps revives many tunes of very different film (art) works and thus covers a wide arc across different musical eras and almost all cinematic genres. All the titles of the very varied program, enriched with poetry lectures, combine to make something with the listener and invite him on a journey. Silently listening in this "One Woman Orchestra" foreign worlds visited, passed adventures or made trips to the past. The enchanting themes from "Amélie's Fabulous World" will be heard as well as the theme tune of "Pearl Harbor", "Lion King" or "Skyfall".

Who would have thought that you could see with your ears? Try it!

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